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The best console for family gaming. What else would you expect from Nintendo? Let the latest Mario franchise enter your living room and level up your gaming situation like never before!





Nintendo Switch

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Switch Switch Lite

Switch vs Switch Lite

Comparison Chart

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Plays all Nintendo Switch games

Plays only Handheld supported games

Nintendo Switch Dock

Battery Life

4.5 - 9 hours

3 - 7 hours

Touch screen

Screen size




Joy Con, Pro controllers


Subscription Service



Audio jack

NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor

LAN suport

HDMI output

Internal battery

Lithium-ion, 4310 mAh

Lithium ion, 3570 mAh

32 GB Intenal storage

2 GB expandable storage

Multi-touch screen

Nintendo Switch Accessories

With controllers that adapt to your gaming preferences, take your performance to the next level. Those versatile and powerful controllers can let you game for up to 20 hours whether it be with your friends are not. Use them independently, attached to the side of your Switch or play with a friend in multiplayer mode. There’s nothing you can’t do and nowhere you can’t go with the Joy-Con Controllers.

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Prefer the feel of a true gaming controller or just want to step your gaming performances up, then you need the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Play anywhere with its long-lasting rechargeable battery and enjoy its ergonomic buttons layout for more fluid and lifelike actions.

If you spend most of your gaming time with the Nintendo Switch in its dock, you might feel like the small Joy-Con grip now feels too small. The Pro Controller features large face buttons, bumpers, analog sticks and haptic feedback triggers.

No matter the reason you’re thinking to switch for the Pro Controller, you’ll like its built-in amiibo functionality and its Tabletop mode.

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Craving bigger and bolder graphics or simply to play on a TV in a different room? The Nintendo Switch Dock Set is the perfect accessory to bring your game on the big screen.

Play your favorite games the way they were meant to be played by simply connecting your Nintendo Switch to the Dock.

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Adjustable and convenient, the Adjustable Charging Stand allows you to enjoy longer playing sessions and it works with any surface.

Use it to play in Tabletop mode or use its angle to play in the best position, it’s up to you!

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Nintendo Switch FAQ

Nintendo Switch FAQ

Can I take the detachable screen and play my games anywhere?

What’s amazing about the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Lite is that they can both be taken anywhere with you. Since the screen is the console itself, there’s no need for internet or any connection for you to play. Both in a tablet shaped device, they are convenient and easy to take anywhere with you!

Do I need to buy any accessory to play with friends and family?

Play any select games for up to two players and simply play with one Joy-Con each. Invite more friends over with their Joy-Con and play multiplayer games for 3+ players.

You can play multiplayer games online with all sorts of options; together online, in the same room on the same system or multiple systems. You decide how the game is played.

Should I buy a Nintendo Switch or a Switch Lite?

If you’re looking for a gaming system that can transform from handheld to home, the Nintendo Switch is perfect. If you rather play on the go with a lighter and slightly smaller gaming console, then go for the Nintendo Lite. While it does not feature detachable Joy-cons nor can it dock, it makes up with its longer-lasting battery life.

Can I use my amiibo accessories?

Directly built-into the Joy-Con’s Right Stick or into the Pro Controller’s NFC touchpoint, easily scan amiibo figures and cards with all compatible games.

How long will my Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite battery last?

You can expect your Nintendo Switch battery to last between 4.5 to 9 hours, depending on the games you play. As for the Switch Lite, its battery life can vary between 3 to 7 hours, based on the games you play.

Nintendo Switch

The new generation of gaming that’s specifically designed for you. Offering up to 9 hours of battery, the Nintendo Switch will adapt wherever you go, whatever you do. Enjoy multi-player games at home or play solo on the go thanks to the Joy-con controllers. It combines the mobility of a handheld but features a high definition display and an ergonomic layout.

The Gaming system that lets you play your way

Whether you want to invite friends over and share the fun or prefer playing on your own, your Nintendo Switch will deliver the same performances either way. Simply attach the Joy-Con controllers and instantly change from dock to portable mode.

Its hybrid multi-capacitive touch screen allows numerous points of interaction at once, so the games you play feel and sound true-to-life. Players take your hands off the Joy-Con controllers and start tapping away instead, you won’t look back.

Controllers built for performance and fun

Either you attach your Joy-Con controllers to the Nintendo Switch or detach them and play with one in both hands, you decide how the game is played. The two halves work together to deliver a unified gamepad experience.

When used as one, the Joy-Con controller lets you scan amiibo and feel deep vibration feedback, all with an innovative and modern gamepad layout. When played as two, you can enjoy local multiplayer games with any of your friends.

New games with amazingly rich and vivid graphics

Find your new favorite game with the Nintendo Switch! With games such as Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and Ring Fit Adventure, you can turn your Switch into different gaming experiences. Simply connect your Nintendo to the Dock Set, upgrade your controller to a Pro or turn your Joy-Con into Wheels with all the Nintendo Switch available accessories.

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