Charger Dock for Nintendo Switch Joy-con and Pro Controller

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Charger Dock for Nintendo Switch Joy-con and Pro Controller, Charging Station Replacement Accessories

Product Features:
1.This charger is matched with the original Nintendo Switch Dock, used for charging the Joy-con & Pro controller.

2.It is available to charge 4 Joy-con and 2 pro controller at the same time.

3.With USB 2.0 male plug, support power input from original Nintendo switch dock.

4.Extended USB 2. 0 socket support communication function; Extended Joy con wrist strap socket make it easy to store.

5.With ingenious and compact designed, colorful indicator icons indicate current charging status, easy to operate.

Characteristic Parameter:
1. Input Voltage/Current DC5V/2.0A 2.Charging time for Joy con: Approximately 3 hours 3. Charging time for Pro Approximately 4.5 hours Usage Instruction:

1 Connect the charge to the original Nintendo switch Dock to get power input.

2 After power on, the logo icon is always on in white, the gamepad indicator icons are green.

3 Plug in the Joycon or Pro controller for charging. The corresponding indicator icon turn red, and they will turn green after fully charged.

4 Extend two USB 2.0 port, support communication, Extend two joy-con wrist strap socket, make it easy to store.

Package Contents:

Charging dock x1

User Manual x1

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