KIWIHOME Switch Lite Handles Ergonomic Comfort Shockproof Case

Color: Black
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KIWIHOME Switch Lite Handles Ergonomic Comfort Shockproof Case with Game Storage Case Support Quick USB Charging Protective Case Kit for Switch Lite

The Ultimate Solution Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories Designed for Gamers

KIWIHOME Charging Grip Case is the latest protective case that upgraded and improved some problems of the previous generation, making it the perfect accessory for Nintendo Switch Lite.

Premium Charging Grip: Could stand on the desk for charging and playing.
Perfect Fit: Ergonomic design puts hands in best Game-Ready position.
Superior Weight Distribution: Palms Hold the Grip and Support Weight, Fingers Control the Action.
Pro Design: Symmetric Layout Angles Hands Outward, Puts Hands in Perfect Orientation to Joyce's.
Quick Charge: Compatible with 5V/2A quick charge
Anti-Scratch Smoother Surface: Designed with soft frosted surface, much smoother than others! Will not scratch your controller!

Package Include:
1 × Charging Grip Cover Case for Nintendo Switch Lite
1 × 1-meter Right-angle USB Type-C Charging Cord
1 × Detachable Mini Stand

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